A Scot’s Lament fur her American Fellows (Oan their election of a tangerine gabshite walloper).

Writing by Lorna

America, aw whit ye dain?!
How could ye choose a clueless wain
Ti lead yir country? Who wid trust
A man sae vile?!
A racist, sexist eedjit
Wi a shite hairstyle?

Yet lo, ye votit (michty me!)
Ti hawn’ this walloper the key
Ti pow’r supreme, ti stert his hateful,
Cruel regime.
A cling ti hope that this is aw
Jist wan bad dream.

But naw, the nightmare has come true,
A curse upon rid, white an’ blue,
An’ those who cast oot Bernie
Must feel sitch regret
Fur thinkin’ Mrs. Clinton
Was a safer bet.

So noo we wait ti see unfold
Division an’ intolerance, cold;
A pois’nous bigotry untold
Since Hitler’s rule
As the free world’s hopes an’ dreams
Lie with this fool.

Alas, complainin’ wullnae change
The fact this diddy has free range
Ti ride roughshod ow’r human beings
That fall outside
The cretinous ideals borne of

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Jeremy Hunt: lies, damned lies & 6,000 statistics

As the Junior Doctor’s contract dispute continues with no end in sight, I revisit the saga of certain claims made by the Health Secretary last year – and find, as always, nothing is quite as it see…

Source: Jeremy Hunt: lies, damned lies & 6,000 statistics

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Hello Friends, it has been quite a while since I last did a blog, since then I have continued on in my quest of making films and practising my photography since I last left I have been involved with a good few projects some of which were due to joining the Glasgow Film Crew, we are a crew made of of all sorts of different filmmakers and we have won 3 awards for our films so far but I will talk of the crew in future post’s. Anyway I am itching to write films, making films and photography oh and I also will throw in some juicy bits i.e. mistakes and arguments along the way. So I sincerely hope to get a good few of you keeping up with my blog and you will help motivate me, here’s me frustrating my granda with my 1st GOPRO HERO 3, need to film someone after all…

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A happy night for a young film-maker.



On Monday the 29th of January, I had a great night filming; I am doing a documentary on the late, great Jimmy Reid. I only started filming different bits of footage earlier this month, but the other night I managed to get in to thee Jimmy Reid Memorial lecture, which was chaired by the first minister, Alex Salmond. This was my first time filming a famous face delivering a speech on Jimmy Reid and independence, filming this documentary has help me a lot to feel more comfortable making a documentary rather than a drama. I was hoping to get Alex Salmond to answer a question for my film, but with all his guards, I didn’t think that was going to happen, but I just decided to go for it, grab my chance, and after the speech I managed to get my question to him and he answered it happily. Now I have realised that pushing the right doors open and you may get what you need, overall I was very proud that I went for it and got what I needed.

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Wild wild north of Glasgow…….

Last year at half 7 in the morning, I was woken by the sounds of shouting and screaming, I looked out my window, then what I saw I knew I had to film, hope it put’s a smile on your face as it did mine.

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For the last few week’s I have been down, due to missing classes as SASS have still not paid me a penny, so getting to college is very difficult due to the crazy train ticket prices. I also lost my lead actress from my short as she didn’t feel up for it; due to it being provocative, but luckily I found a great replacement. The set back means it may be a real struggle to shoot the scene I wanted before 2013.

So from down I called on my friends to cheer me up and the did, me and Ryan went filming in Callender, I thank beautiful Scotland for making me feel better once again.

I took this photo, using a Cannon 550d, they made it a HDR image, so now I feel back and ready to get moving, just wish my SASS pay comes in soon. Peace Folks

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Premiere, Promo & Props

This week college was off so I got a tad bored, I decided to practice some editing on adobe premiere, I was pleased as I made my 1st ghost and got to know the program better. Also I spent a lot of the week networking, tring to get my name out there and me and my friends facebook page, which is www.facebook.com/greenecarrfilms, just in-case you didn’t know .

I spent my night times reading up and practising my cinematography using my hdv camera. I want to master the camera, my framing and so on. For many year’s I have always felt it was important to keep props, dummy blood, fake limbs, scares, stab wounds and fake heads. This week it was fake heads, so I done a bit of exercise mixing wallpaper paste, until I had an arm like “Popeye“. Good week overall.

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